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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Shop this Holi with and save bucks!!
27Coupons got the heart of a shopper!

Hey there! I’m pretty sure that everybody is eagerly waiting for another fun-filled, colourful season of festivities these days, HOLI! By festivities, I did not imply that it all sums up to the colours, water, balloons and the ghujiya. There’s obviously much more associated with the festivities, for we, the Indians. Some will find a good reason to shop, or travel, or spend their day watching shows, along with, yes, holi celebrations!

It’s not always about us actually; some people might be keenly looking forward to the gifts from you.

BUT, there’s no fun attached with going shopping or roaming outside even for window-shopping when there’s another safety issue popping up, of being hit with a balloon, or drowned in water, dirty or whatever, and you cannot help!  Neither it is easy enough to find time for such time-consuming issues, nor people do it offline anymore (not at least for such variable number of gifts/shopping). With this, I’m dead sure there would be names popping in your heads, such as, or, or, BookMyShow and many more.  

SaleAdding to your delight, here’s another brand to join hands with, not only for one kind but for everything! Yeah, is a venture that has brought all these online portals together on one SINGLE platform. All you need is to browse the website, and grab any number of items/ vouchers/tickets from any number of your favourite online shopping portals. 

Coming to the excellent web-page development by 27coupons for the user’s utter merriment, it has a section called coupons, fulfilling purpose of the name 27coupons. Name any e-commerce website and you have its coupon. In times of high inflation, saving a few bucks can be really awesome, especially when it literally costs you nothing, save a visit to

Click is India's leading discount coupons and deals distribution platform. It has brought into vogue many aspects into Indian couponing that is now being predominantly across many of their peers. It displays discount coupons on offer to retail buyers from almost all Indian Ecommerce websites, namely Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, Myntra, Homeshop18, Bookmyshow, Snapdeal, Jabong and many more.

What makes them different? There's a section called "Bank offers". What else do you need? Now you can not only use different coupons given on the website to save bucks, you can pay via specific banks to get more discount. Now that's called icing on the cake. The motto of the website clearly states, stop running after specific brands and start exploring.

They also have an awesome mobile app. Now you can explore various discount offers on the go. Isn't it amazing guys? Nothing could be more complete. Download the app now from this LINK. The app has various features such as:
Mobile app

★ Find Coupons and offers from 120 online stores like Flipkart, ebay, Jabong etc.
★ Get Credit Card, Debit Card, Internet banking offers and coupons for more than 50 banks like City, ICICI, Axis etc.

★ Browse coupons from 40 categories like Grocery, Electronics, Fashion, Movie, Flight etc.

★ Receive hot coupons everyday along with offers from all popular stores.

★ Browse New and Popular coupons or check out offers to save money.

★ Add your favorite stores for quick and easy access on home screen.

★ Share coupons and offers with your friends.

★ Get coupon codes inside the app to buy directly from store.

Here comes my favorite part. Once you signup on website, you will be awarded with 250 points, which can be redeemed once you reach a threshold of 1000 points. Isn't that cool? Who doesn't want free points? 
Earn 250 points for free
Also, If you don't have time to check out the website, you can also subscribe to the email updates according to your needs so that you can out the offers, discounts and coupons based upon your selection. For example: 
The Flipkart section of the website has various offers such as:

and many more...

I really don't think there's another website like this. So what are you waiting for, head over to Stop thinking, start exploring and a very happy and colorful Holi to everyone!

Friday, 24 October 2014

How to get invited for Inbox by Gmail

Google has just started sending out invites for its new email system; an alternative to Gmail. Its called Inbox. Nope, its not public yet. Instead Google decided to use the "invite only" approach for the time being. Here's a sneak peak:

Inbox is different from Gmail, designed to focus on what really matters; as reported on this Official Google Post:
Email started simply as a way to send digital notes around the office. But fast-forward 30 years and with just the phone in your pocket, you can use email to contact virtually anyone in the world…from your best friend to the owner of that bagel shop you discovered last week. 
With this evolution comes new challenges: we get more email now than ever, important information is buried inside messages, and our most important tasks can slip through the cracks—especially when we’re working on our phones. For many of us, dealing with email has become a daily chore that distracts from what we really need to do—rather than helping us get those things done.

Google has begun to roll out a second wave of invites, following yesterday's first batch. You can even invite your friends. While not everyone who registered, got an invite, be sure to check out your inbox in case you receive it. Inbox can be said as an intelligent version of Gmail. It offers an intelligent system to sort out information and bundle things into groups, so you can easily figure out what's worth reading anyway. Besides this, it offers the ability to act as a personal assistant with reminders, create to-do lists and snooze items.

Assist functionality will even help you make better reminders, for example, if you write a reminder to call the grocery store, Inbox will supply the store's phone number and tell you if it's open or not. Assist works for your email also. If you make reservation for a restaurant online, it adds a map to your confirmation email. Book a train online and Inbox provides a link to check-in.
Inbox by Gmail

Cannot wait for your invite? Well, I have a solution for you. Download this apk file which is signed by Google and it updates your existing app.

File name:
Version: 1.0 (78094151) (5608113)
File size: 36.05 MB (37,804,961 bytes)
Minimum Android version: Android 4.1+ (Jelly Bean, API 16)
MD5: 9059c483fc3e22218877b4b9be948f83
SHA1: accc1fa6a577e80f2c855a7311c50fa5b02f79a8

(You'll need an invite to use this ;)

Did you receive an invite? Share your experience with us. I shall get back to you once I'll receive my invite.

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Make Codes Postable - HTML Friendly

Make Codes Postable - HTML Friendly

So you're one of the developers who is tired of making is code HTML Friendly, changing '<' to '&lt;' and using '&amp;' in place of '&'. Making changes in a long code can be very much time consuming especially if you don't have time for this and want to this in fraction of a second.

Well if you're reading this, you've come to the right place and we're gonna do it for you - for FREE!! The following section will be very much useful for Web Developers. Basically what we do is, we make appropriate modifications in the code, replace x with y, a with b etc. All you have to do is paste your code in the following box and click on 'Make Friendly' button. You're modified code will appear in the same box. Now your code is ready copying and using it.

Make Codes Postable - HTML Friendly