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Sunday 19 May 2013

C++ Program To Show Use Of Objects In Classes

Hi Guys,
In this post, we'll learn what are objects, the most important entity for which C++ is known better than C language. The main reason of C++ programming is to add the ability to create objects and classes are a central feature of C++ that support OOPS aka Object-Oriented Programming and classes are often called as user-defined types.

Objects are the basic run-time entities in an object-oriented system. They may represent a person, place, a bank account, a table of data or any other item that the program has to handle.When a program is executed, the objects interact by sending messages to one another.

Objects can interact without having to know the details of each other's data or code. Each object contains data, and code to manipulate the data. Well here is an example:

Objects In C++
Two Ways Of Representing An Object

C++ Code To Show Use Of Objects In Classes:

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class product  //Class name
 private:  // Private data member not accessible by object
  int number;
  float cost;
  void getdata(int a,float b);  //Function declaration
  void putdata();

void product::getdata(int a,float b)  //Function definition
 number = a;
 cost  = b;

void product::putdata()
 cout<<"Number : "<<number<<endl;
 cout<<"Cost : "<<cost<<endl;

void main()
 product p;   //Declaration of object
 cout<<"\nObject P"<<"\n";
 p.getdata(100,299.95);  //Only public members are accessible by object
 product q;
 cout<<"\nObject Q"<<"\n";

Program Output:

Objects In C++

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