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Thursday 28 March 2013

C Code To Check Whether A No. Is Palindrome Or Not

A Palindrome number is a number, which when reversed in order of digits, produces the same number a the original one. Some examples of Palindrome numbers are: 11, 121, 1331. 14641, 15101051, 989, 5225 etc. The C program for the same is very simple. First we will reverse the original number and then check it with the original number. If found same, number is palindrome, otherwise not.

A Simple Algorithm for the same will be:
  1. Input number from user, 'num'.
  2. Apply Logic on 'num', produce reversed number 'rev'.
  3. If num == rev, print 'num' is Palindrome.
  4. Otherwise print 'num' is not Palindrome.

C Program To Check Whether A Number Is Palindrome Or Not:

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void main()
 int a,b,c,d;
 printf("Enter a number: ");

  d = d*10;
  c = a%10;
  a = a/10;
  d = d+c;

 printf("\nThe number %d is plaindrome",b);

 printf("\nThe number %d is not Palindrome",b);


Program Output:

Palindrome Number C Code

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