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Saturday 16 March 2013

Linear Search In An Array C Code

As I have already described what are Arrays and their basic creation C code, in this post, we'll learn how to perform Linear Search In An Array, its Algorithm And C Code.

In computer sciencelinear search or sequential search is a method for finding a particular value in a list, that consists of checking every one of its elements, one at a time and in sequence, until the desired one is found. Linear search is the simplest search algorithm; it is a special case of brute-force search. Its worst case cost is proportional to the number of elements in the list; and so is its expected cost, if all list elements are equally likely to be searched for. Therefore, if the list has more than a few elements, other methods (such as binary search or hashing) will be faster, but they also impose additional requirements.

Here is the C Code for Linear Search:

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void main()
 int arr[10],num,i,n,found=0,pos=-1;
 printf("Enter the number of elements in the array: ");

 printf("\nEnter the elements: \n");
  printf("arr[%d] = ",i);

 printf("\nEnter the number that has to be searched: ");

   printf("\n %d is found in the array at position = %d",num,i);
 printf("\ %d does not exist in the array",num);


Linear Search C Code

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